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Robotech  Auto Piece Picking System


 1  Sorter tray : Automatic product classification

 2  combined packaging tray : Combined packaging completed -> Automatic discharge ->  Automatically map the next order

 3  Combined packaging transfer line : Automatic discharge of combined packaging tray (discharge time, location tracking) -> Automatic product transfer -> Automatic transfer of left and right edges

 4  Inspection Packaging Bill Attachment Zone : Automatic mapping of an order(Automatic discharge time of combination tray and automatic mapping information for the order+Transfer time tracking information for package 3)      

Automatic Ordering Combined Piece Picking Solution


Work instruction / Sorter product preparation

1 product input/scan

Customer / 1 Picked

2 Picked

3 last Picked > Automatic discharge > Inspection/packaging line movement

Automatic assignment of next orderer chute

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