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Korea's No. 1 Distribution Logistics Automation System



Robotech allows every company to experience productive value in a different way of thinking about Sorter.

Robotech is short for Robot+Human, which means that humans and robots unite to pursue a beautiful world. Robotech presents a new turning point in the logistics system and aims to become the "best company in classification solutions" in the logistics automation section. We ask for your support, and we will do our best to become a trusted company with all our executives and employees. Thank you.

Robotech, CEO

Based on 31 years of experience and knowledge of various types of fruit fast screening (weight, volume, variety, sugar, size, etc.), K-sorter has developed 2023 tilting sorter, 2022 slide-shoe sorter, and 2023 cross-belt sorter to provide automation solutions with excellent processing speed, installation time and space flexibility.



Solution based on processing speed, installation time, space and flexibility 

Automation platform companies needed in the distribution and logistics market

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Corporate conversion (from private business to corporation)

(New concept) Crossbelt development completed

Establishment of a corporate research institute

(Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province)

(KT&G) Logistics Transfer Line 1 Site

(KGC Ginseng Corporation) System Interworking Line 1 Site


(Food Materials) Slide Shoe sorter 1 Site

(Nonghyup, etc.) Non-destructive High-Speed Fruit Automatic Sorter 8 Site

(KT&G) Depalletizer 1 site


Distribution and logistics automation business

(India Export) 1 Free-tray Sorter

(Nonghyup, etc.) Non-destructive High-Speed Fruit Automatic Sorter 10 Site


High-speed fruit classification automation business

50 non-destructive sugar test systems

5 Fruit High Speed Sorter sites

15 non-destructive free-tray sorter sites
24 Ozone Sterilized Water Fruit Washing Machine sites

6 logistics transfer lines
10 RF-ID packing automation lines

Robotech is based on the environment and knowledge of various types of fruit classification (weight, volume, variety, sweetness, size, etc.), and in accordance with the distribution logistics distributed sorter business, in 2021 <Tiltting Sorter> in 2022 <Slide Shoe Sorter > 2023 years of domestically produced <Cross Belt Sorter> development delayed and eliminated​


High-speed fruit sorting automation technology

A new K-sorter solution for small, multi-form products

From a small space to a fulfillment center, the processing volume required for the size and weight of the product can be customized into a module type, especially with a variety of release products and excellent stability.


Product is distributed in small, lightweight, and individual units

Automation facilities remain on existing hardware

Need to free up space, takes a long time to install

If you install it, it's hard to expand, such as changes

After the lease period, the relocation cost is considered


Robotech Solutions

Classification of unstructured products,
securing production capability

New concept vertical sorter ensures excellent sorting stability

Installation area is not large, site installation
modularization time is short

Flexibility to move to the same location from time to time

Modularity makes it easy to move, ensuring additional scalability



02 사업자등록증.jpg
03 중소기업 확인.jpg

K-Sorter Trademark Registration

Business license

Small and Medium Business Confirmation

04 공장등록증.jpg

A factory registration Certificate

05 직생.jpg

Direct production Confirmation

06 연구전담부서.jpg

Research department Confirmation

07 벤쳐확인.jpg

Venture company Confirmation

INNO-BIZ Confirmation




09 특 이형화물.jpg

A patent

Classification device for
atypical classification

10 특 이형택배.jpg
11 특 소터활.jpg
12 특 세로.jpg
08 특 벨트타입.jpg

A patent

Classification of
Multi-Type Products

A patent

A patent

A patent

belt type cross type sorter

Automatic Picking System for Order Combined Packaging Using Sorter

Vertical Sorter



an advisory committee

Management Strategy Team

Sales Team

Production Team

Service Operations Team

Logistics R&D center

Management team

Marketing team

Sales team 1

(High speed sorter)

Sales team 2

(Distribution logistics)

Production team 1


Production team 2


After service team

Maintenance team

Development of

new technology


Planning of

new technology

Performing technical

research tasks

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